Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis is a Wirral based visual artist. Ellis is a Blue Room member and studio holder at Make CIC, Hamilton Square. He mostly creates intuitive abstract paintings that start with listening to music to evoke a feeling, happy or sad. Recently Ellis has begun exploring words and imagery that celebrate diversity; incorporating these into his paintings.

"When I started in the studio at Bluecoat I wanted to make statements about having a disability but not having the word disability in it. I feel people judge others negatively for having a disability. We are all different and I feel it’s something that should be celebrated."
Rob Ellis

Studio Me

Ellis is part of Studio Me, Blue Room’s artist development project. He has been learning and exploring screen print.

Initially commissioned to design and screenprint a poster for Output Gallery’s postal exhibition Studio Me and You, Ellis discovered an enthusiasm for the process in Bluecoat’s Print Studios.

Developing his interest in printmaking, Ellis was artist in residence at Liverpool John Moores University. Supported by artist and technician Kate Hodgson, Ellis created a collection of limited edition prints to sell at makers’ fairs such as the Liverpool Print Fair.