Photography by Roger Sinek

Ottman Said: Liverpool Waterfront

The Lives of Artists will also see the launch of two new billboard commissions by Tess Gilmartin and Ottman Said. Both artists use abstraction as a way to create beautifully complex landscapes.


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Thu 08 February - Sun 10 March 2024

Studio Me: The Billboard Commissions - Ottman Said
Thu 8th Feb - Sun 10th Mar

We’re delighted to share a new outdoor billboard commission by Ottman Said. Said uses abstraction as a way to create beautifully complex landscapes that are rooted in a sense of belonging and place.

Ottman Said is a visual artist. He creates drawings, collages and sculptures, with his own distinct use of line. His recent works are inspired by Liverpool’s iconic waterfront, drawing them as abstracted blocks that seem to jostle for space amongst layers of interwoven line.

Said is a member of Blue Room, Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project for neurodiverse and learning disabled artists, and have been developing their practice in our supported studio project Studio Me. He has received a commission to create a limited edition screen print and postcard for Output’s postal exhibition Studio Me and You, and has recently collaborated with his mentor Bernadette O’Toole to develop his painting practice.

Studio Me: The Billboard Commissions will be featured on the side of Bluecoat's building, located on Blundell Lane.