Tess Gilmartin, Horse Big, Photography by Rob Battersby

Tess Gilmartin: Horse Big

The Lives of Artists will also see the launch of two new billboard commissions by Tess Gilmartin and Ottman Said. Both artists use abstraction as a way to create beautifully complex landscapes.


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Sat 16 March - Sun 14 April 2024

Studio Me: The Billboard Commissions - Tess Gilmartin
Sat 16 Mar - Sun 14 Apr

We’re delighted to share a new outdoor billboard commission by Tess Gilmartin. Gilmartin’s expressive work features brightly coloured animals and plants, drawing upon her experience of spending time outdoors.

Tess Gilmartin is a Wirral based visual artist. Gilmartin creates drawings and paintings inspired by the world around her. Using bright colour palettes and gestural mark making, Gilmartin makes art to celebrate the things she loves, such as the people, animals and flowers.

Gilmartin is a member of Blue Room, Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project for neurodiverse and learning disabled artists, and have been developing their practice in our supported studio project Studio Me. Through this Gilmartin has received mentoring from acclaimed artist, Tanya Raabe Webber. Together, the artists explored different methods of drawing, mark making and painting.

Gilmartin’s work has been previously selected for the Williamson Art Gallery Open exhibition and has featured in a postal exhibition with Output Gallery.

Studio Me: The Billboard Commissions will be featured on the side of Bluecoat's building, located on Blundell Lane.