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New opportunities for artists

Bluecoat is pleased to announce two new opportunities for artists: the Granby Winter Garden commission in partnership with Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust, and a year-long Studio Bursary at The Royal Standard in partnership with Bloomberg New Contemporaries for one of their 2010-2016 alumni. 

Granby Winter Garden commission

Granby Winter Garden will be a new community-owned space in the heart of the Granby neighbourhood in Liverpool 8.  Two Victorian terraced houses will be transformed into a beautiful indoor garden and a unique resource for creative community action, cultural production and exchange. 

An artist's impression of the Granby Winter Garden


Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust, in partnership with Bluecoat, seeks an artist to develop a horticultural work or series of works for Granby Winter Garden, in collaboration with the design team, Assemble, and local people.  Alongside devising planting, there is scope for the commissioned artist to propose further interventions into the Winter Garden space, or within the local neighbourhood, or to propose events, performances or workshops that accompany the making of the garden.

The closing date for the Granby Winter Garden Commission is 3 May 2017, 12 noon 

For further information on the commission and the application process please click here.

Studio Bursary at The Royal Standard

New Contemporaries is delighted to be offering a year-long studio bursary in partnership with The Royal Standard and Bluecoat from July 2017 to June 2018.

The opportunity to apply for a free studio and membership at The Royal Standard, Cains Brewery Village, Liverpool is open to all Bloomberg New Contemporaries Alumni from the last 7 years (2010 to 2016 inclusive).

The Royal Standard is home to a vibrant community of artists and plays a significant role in the dynamic Liverpool art scene. Liverpool city has been the host of Bloomberg New Contemporaries as part of the Liverpool Biennial since 1999. Bluecoat was an exhibition partner for the successful launch of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 in July of last year.

The closing date for the Studio Bursary Opportunity for Bloomberg New Contemporary Alumni with The Royal Standard & Bluecoat is 15 May 2017, 10am

For further information on criteria and the application process please click here. 


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