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Easter Concert: The Liverpool String Quartet

By Daniel Sanxis - Viola Player of the Liverpool String Quartet.

When we were thinking about a programme for an Easter concert, Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ immediately sprung to mind. It's an incredibly powerful work, one that evokes a lot of emotions. It was written by Haydn in 1785, when he was commissioned by Cadiz Cathedral to create music for their Good Friday service.

Over the years, many other artists, writers, and directors have given their view on this event, the crucifixion of Jesus.  The Liverpool String Quartet wanted to put our own stamp on our performance of Haydn's work, which as musicians we obviously do through our interpretation of the music. But we also wanted to somehow connect more with our audience, and a perfect way of doing this seemed to be to ask local poets to come up with their own interpretation of Jesus' last words. The resulting poems we have been sent are all very different from each other, some have taken what Jesus was feeling and compared it to a time when they felt similar emotions, others stick more closely to the original word, but the outcome is both interesting and stimulating. We've asked Michael Phoenix, the Bluecoat's resident luthier, to narrate these poems.

We hope that our performance of this work will be a moving and thought provoking experience, whatever one’s beliefs are, preparing for it has certainly given us a lot to think about!

The Liverpool String Quartet performs Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ at 2.30pm on Good Friday in the Bluecoat's Performance Space.

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