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Weekly Blog 10: HALLUCINATIONS by Suki Chan - Film Premiere

published by The Bluecoat

This week we are thrilled to bring you a UK exclusive premiere of acclaimed artist Suki Chan’s new film HALLUCINATIONS. It follows ...


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Look/13 exhibition at the Bluecoat - 'I exist (in some way)'

Sat 18 May to Sun 14 July daily 10am – 6pm. Free 

I exist (in some way)

Boushra Almutawakel, George Awde, Hicham Benohoud, Laura Boushnak, Hichem Driss, Laura El-Tantawy, Lamya Gargash, Tanya Habjouqa, Nathalie Kardjiane, Larissa Sansour, Issa Touma

The Bluecoat is responding to the question ‘Who do you think you are? - the theme of LOOK/13 – with an exhibition featuring work examining constructions of personal and collective identity in the contemporary Arab world.

Presented as part of the Liverpool Arab Art Festival, the exhibition title ‘I exist (in some way)’ is inspired by celebrated Syrian photographer Issa Touma. When asked recently if his work was political, he replied ‘Everything in the Middle East can be political if you have censorship. They do not like the freedom I have, but they also do not have much choice. I exist in some way. They cannot cancel me, so they need to accept me’.

Touma’s insistence on being is infused with ambiguity and uncertainty. If identity is not fixed in time and place, then what ‘ways’ of being are possible? The artists in the exhibition, from differing backgrounds and working in a range of locations, explore this through a range of photographic practices.

Also as of Look/13, the Bluecoat is exhibiting classic works by two of the founding fathers of photography; August Sander (1876 – 1964) and Weegee (1899 – 1968). Despite his precise methods, Sander created extraordinarily sensitive portraits of German society in the 1920s and 30s. Prolific newspaper photographer Arthur Fellig, nicknamed Weegee, is known for photographs of 1930s and 40s New York. A stark counterpoint to the American Dream, his work had a formative influence on the nation's image of itself.

Exhibitions Curator at the Bluecoat, Sara-Jayne Parsons said: “For LOOK/13 we are featuring a range of photographic talent in the galleries, from the classic, historic works for Sander and Weegee to exciting emerging international artists such as George Awde and Nathalie Kardjiane who have never shown their work in the UK before. We’ve approached the festival theme with a strong desire to showcase diversity and individuality. Hopefully visitors to the galleries will be inspired to think about how they would photograph their responses to the question “Who do you think you are?”

Related events:

Saturday exhibition tours/talks

2pm, meet by donations box.


1 June - Pete Carr, Liverpool-based photographer

8 June - Sara-Jayne Parsons, Exhibitions Curator at the Bluecoat

6 July - Sara T’Rula, photographer and multimedia artist

Sander and Weegee discussion event:

Graeme Rigby in conversation with Sara-Jayne Parsons

Wed 5 Jun 6pm

Active member of Amber Film & Photography collective for many years, writer Graeme Rigby is involved in the development of access to its archive, from which the August Sander and Weegee works have been loaned.

Free but ticketed

Sat 18 May to Sun 16 June daily 10am – 6pm. Free

Adam Lee: Identity Documents

Exploring identity through still life, Liverpool photographer Adam Lee creates large-scale prints which document everyday personal spaces such as desks and bookcases.

Sat 18 May to Sun 16 June daily 10am – 6pm. Free

Translations project  (Adam Lee)

Adam Lee works with a group of refugees and those seeking asylum to create interpretive masks from photographs.  The final product will be on display in the vide.  The project is delivered by Liverpool based social enterprise Emotive Matters, with the support of The Bluecoat and funded by The Arts Council England.

Adam Lee: artist’s talk

Wed 12 June 6pm

Free but ticketed

Sat 18 May to Sun 16 June daily 10am – 6pm. Free

Lawrence George Giles: Memory of a Memory

In this collective memory project, participants are invited to share recollections of photographs they hold dear, or which possess personal and specific memories. 

Open call for submissions

For further information and to submit a memory visit:


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