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Interview with Anne Harild (2015 ARMA Artist in Residence)

















We speak to Danish Artist Anne Harild, who is currently undertaking the 2015 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA) Artist Residency at the Bluecoat.  

Starting from February 2015, Anne is spending ten weeks in residence at the Bluecoat, building on the organisation’s ongoing commitment to make the very best of art accessible to all, by working with families from some of Liverpool’s disadvantaged communities. The result will be a semi-permanent commissioned artwork that will welcome visitors to the historic building from Summer 2015. ARMA was established in memory of the artist Alexandra Reinhardt and with the support of the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust, funds an annual artist residency culminating in an artwork in the public realm. 

What is your creative process?

It’s very much got an emphasis on process I think. I work very much through making and working through lots of ideas… through making things with my hands. I can start looking at a space, taking it apart in different ways using photography and making models, pictures and collages using textures from this specific place. I work in response to a space and I work through all these ideas to reach some kind of conclusion. And that’s what we are doing here as well. Exploring the Bluecoat by investigating the textures, features, materials, shapes that we can find and try to put them back together again to discover something new.

What are your inspirations as an artist?

My inspirations are often how people construct the world around them. How they live within a space. What kind of buildings they make. How they make a mark on the environment they live in. It’s also sometimes just a texture or colour. It’s very material driven.

What do you think of the Bluecoat in the city?

It’s great to have this space just in the centre. It’s quite a big contrast but I’m quite interested in this contrast between the Bluecoat and everything that goes around it. It’s a great place. It’s a nice thought that its been here for so long and been an arts centre for so long.

Why did you apply for the ARMA residency?

Because I was really interested in working with the Bluecoat building and thought it was a really inspiring space. But also I was really interested in exploring the Bluecoat with Out of the Blue and Blue Room. I thought it would be fascinating - this idea of how the world is designed, created and it’s hard to access for people who are not designers or architects. I wanted to find ways that we could take back the building and make it our own by re-creating new versions of it. I thought it would be a really interesting opportunity.  So that’s why I applied haha.

Who have you been working with during the residency and what have you made at this point in time?

I’ve been working with the Tuesday and Thursday Blue Room group, also Out of the Blue on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have spent time exploring the building through drawing and making different textures like rubbings and a lot of photography as well and we have cut off all of this material and created collages as well as little models and structures. We also made some really big structures during February half term, inspired by the material we found. But through this collaborative process we have worked together as a team… I am interested in this idea of collaborative design and working with everyone influencing my ideas.

untitled thursday from Translating Spaces on Vimeo.

You worked with Out of the Blue for their family day last week. Tell us what you made.

We explored passages because we need to start thinking about the courtyard and where to position the work and how to get to it or not. We created small-scale structures using bamboo and collage. We also created some big pieces on the floor, that we positioned our work in and thought about how the different structures relate to each other.


Take a look at Anne's blog about the residency.

Click here for more information about ARMA.


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