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October Half Term at Bluecoat

published by Barry

This October Half Term we've lined up a whole host of great activities for you and your family. Join the ...


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Introducing winter 2015/16 at Bluecoat

Winter is a time for sheltering and taking stock. At Bluecoat we offer some remarkable and unusual work which we hope will stimulate and provide material for reflection.

Social media and digital devices play a crucial role in our daily interactions, changing our physical relationship to the world. We sometimes find it hard to acknowledge that we are creatures of the body as much as of the mind. Our winter season brings the body back into focus: to remind ourselves how we register emotionally, how we sometimes ‘sense’ before we understand.

In the gallery, Left Hand to Back of Head, Object Held against Right Thigh explores the connections that art can make with our bodies, over and above our capacity to rationalise. In the events programme the body is to the fore throughout, not least with poet Andrew McMillan reading from his visceral collection, Physical.

Elaine MitchenerTechnology has also transformed the ways in which we develop and maintain relationships. As such, traditional definitions of intimacy have changed. Industrialising Intimacy, a collaborative contemporary music theatre piece, explores this conundrum, while at the same time drawing on the new expressive avenues which the digital has opened up.

Engagement with the arts can happen in various ways. We always offer opportunities for people to deepen their experience through practical artistic workshops. This season we are delighted to welcome two leading practitioners to share their skills. Elaine Mitchener leads a vocal improvisation workshop on the day prior to her performance; and a short story course from Sarah Schofield opens up this form to writers and non-writers.

One of the key roles of Bluecoat is to champion areas of practice that lie between art forms and to facilitate collaboration. We foster experimental interdisciplinary projects because we believe that engaging with work that spans disciplines enables us to see the world differently. This season we are adding to the interdisciplinary mix. In December at the launch of Thought X, a new Science into Fiction anthology, the collaborative process between scientists and writers will be discussed. In early spring, Liverpool Improvisation Collective give a dance response in the gallery to the themes of Left Hand to Back of Head...

Melissa Gordon: Fallible Space

Travelling in the other direction, Fallible Space, by London artist Melissa Gordon, will create an exhibition in the Performance Space. We also host Black British Artists and Exhibition Histories. The symposium, which will set an important context for Bluecoat’s work in this area, has a resonant title, The Work Between Us. This could perhaps be amplified as a motto for all the fruitful liminal spaces that are there to be discovered at Bluecoat this winter.

Mary Cloake
Chief Executive

View the full Winter 2015/16 brochure on ISSUU

Winter 2015/16 Brochure Cover

Image 1 - Rowena Harris, Note to self – mine and yours perhaps, 2015. Courtesy the artist, Gallery Apart and Ettore Alloggia Collection. Photo: Giorgio Benni 

Image 2 - Photo credit: Kin Ho

Image 3 - Melissa Gordon Material Evidence, 2013 (installation at Spike Island) © Stuart Whipps


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Who's blogging?

October Half Term at Bluecoat

published by Barry

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