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Blue Room at Bluecoat

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Did you know Bluecoat runs an inclusive arts programme for learning disabled adults? Watch our short film to find ...


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Blue Room Dance and Movement Group

Since the end of June this year, a group of our Blue Room members have been working closely with dance artist Mary Prestidge from the Liverpool Improvisation Collective as part of our dance programme INHABIT.

Here Katrina Shock, Bluecoat’s INHABIT Facillitator, explains the work the group have been doing, and how you can see them perform in our upcoming event Expanding the Picture.

The Blue Room Dance and Movement Group was formed as part of INHABIT, our three year programme of New Dance at Bluecoat. Blue Room is Bluecoat’s programme for learning disabled artists who come together to work in response to the Bluecoat’s galleries and wider programme.

Working closely with dance artists from Liverpool Improvisation Collective (LIC), INHABIT will offer people the opportunity to experience dance through a series of workshops, events, symposia, and performances. Keep an eye on our website where we’ll be posting more information of how you can get involved.

The Blue Room Dance and Movement Group have been meeting every Friday at the LIC dance studio within Bluecoat. Mary is working with the group to explore their own expressive qualities in moving and offering the space for each individual to investigate their own path through dance. The group are developing through solo, duo and ensemble practice.  Mary, along with occasional support from fellow LIC dance artists Jo Blowers and Paula Hampson, has been guiding the group each week. Together, the LIC dance artists offer their collective knowledge and experience of improvisation and New Dance to the group. The sessions are developing through each person’s interests and are responsive to the group’s mood and dynamic, producing wonderful energy and enthusiasm.

Through regular blogs like this one we will keep you up to date on how the group are progressing over the following weeks and in the run up to a performance by Mary and Blue Room members on Friday 7th October, called Expanding the Picture.

Blue Room members taking part in our dance and movement group

In our latest session on Friday 12th August we continued expanding our work with objects, mainly using fabric and balls. We are developing ball passing sequences and finding rhythms within this. We have also been working in partners and one to one with Mary, testing balance and communication through touch.  During the afternoon we spent time in the performance space where our October performance will take place. This gave us a chance to move around the space and think about how the performance will be set out.

Blue Room member Tony commented, “I enjoyed moving with the ball, balancing it and spinning around! I like working with the others and Mary. I am excited for our performance!”


Tickets for Expanding the Picture are available to book online now. 

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Who's blogging?

Blue Room at Bluecoat

published by The Bluecoat

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