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The Choir with No Name, Big Autumn Gig, Fri 28 Oct.

The Choir with No Name run choirs for people who’ve experienced homelessness or are vulnerable. Many of the members have experienced mental health issues, addiction, relationship breakdown and isolation in their lives, where the support of friends and family may be absent. The Choir with No Name provides a welcoming environment in which to build confidence, make friends and experience the multiple benefits of singing to health and wellbeing. Every week, members come together at Bluecoat to sing and sit down for a hot, nutritious meal after every rehearsal. They support each other’s endeavours, musical or otherwise, have the opportunity to learn new skills and forge lasting relationships, and most importantly, they get to experience the power of singing their hearts out amongst good friends.

The Choir with No Name’s Big Autumn Gig is at St George’s Hall this Friday 28 Oct. Below Ema Quinn, Liverpool Choir Manager, lets us know what we can look forward to, whilst also providing an interesting insight in to the vital support they offer vulnerable individuals on a weekly basis.

We were thrilled last month to confirm the wonderful Sovini Group as sponsors of our first ever Big Autumn Gig in the beautiful concert hall at St George’s Hall at the end of October.  This ongoing support from Sovini means that our choir for people who have experienced homelessness or who are otherwise vulnerable or struggling, can continue to sing out loud and proud well into the future.

The Choir with No Name Liverpool have been resident at Bluecoat in the city centre for almost three years and offer weekly rehearsals to people affected by homelessness, followed by a free hot meal where we all sit down together and catch up.  Our choir is more than a singing group. The most common word used by members to describe choir is ‘family’, and gives members the opportunity to build up a solid support network where a conventional family may not exist. This support is key for members to build confidence, learn new skills and find – or re-find - their place in the world.

The positive effects of singing are varied.  There are many physical benefits such as posture, breathing and aerobic exercise (clapping and toe tapping burns calories, you know!), as well as multiple benefits to mental health and wellbeing.  Singing in a choir has also proven to alleviate symptoms in conditions such as depression, anxiety and Parkinson’s and is the fastest way to form strong social bonds, so being in choir is about SO much more than just singing.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came to choir that first time. I didn’t even realise I could sing but I now know I can! I’ve joined other groups and always felt like I didn’t belong or was the odd one out. The Choir with No Name is different. It’s like a family.”  Emma, CWNN Liverpool member 

We obviously LOVE singing together too and are really excited about hosting our first concert in Liverpool.  Our Big Autumn Gig is going to be packed full of pop favourites, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation.  There will also be support from the wonderful Ukulele Club and Liverpool Signing Choir, so we’re really looking forward to seeing lots of smiling, singing faces in the crowd!

Come and join us, and help our choirs change lives.

Fri 28 Oct - CWNN Liverpool Big Autumn Gig, St George's Hall, Liverpool
Doors open 7pm, Performance starts at 7:30pm
Buy tickets via Bluecoat 
HERE or call 0151 702 5324
Group options available. Contact to arrange

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