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Blue Room at Bluecoat

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Did you know Bluecoat runs an inclusive arts programme for learning disabled adults? Watch our short film to find ...


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The Print Studio is going on tour!

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Our Print Studio has taken up residency at Crosby Library until 10 March 2017. 

The Music Room at the popular library in Waterloo will become a community print resource, installation and printmaking workshop for the duration of the residency. Visitors can take part in artists’ projects, demonstrations, family arts sessions and drop in activities.

Devised and led by artists, makers and designers, the programme will offer an engaging activity each day, where visitors can learn creative skills and taIk to artists about their work.


At the Library is a new programme commissioned by Sefton Library Service and The Atkinson to develop the arts in the borough's six libraries, inviting artists and communities to see their library differently.  Producer Maria Brewster said: “We hope this new programme will remind people how important our libraries are as a space for creativity, learning and community engagement.”

“For the first season of work we are focusing on all things performative, participatory and process-driven. The Fairland Collective are working with us to produce a series of One Pot lunches in collaboration with communities in all the different libraries;  we’ll be exploring play and the agency of children and young people through Playing Up with the Live Art Development Agency; and of course the Print Studio project in collaboration with Bluecoat, programmed with Fran Disley.

“The print studio will be set up as part workroom, part installation and part community resource to provide a space for creative production by artists, library users and community groups. At the end of the project we’ll have explored what a collaborative language of printmaking might be, and will have built a portable printmaking kit that can be used in all the different libraries across Sefton.”

Print studio
















Artists in Residence

20 - 21st February, Gregory Herbert
22 - 23rd February, Sumuyya Khader
27th February - 3rd March, Mark Simmonds
7th -11th March, Becky Peach
Saturday Print Club

Printmaking for families of any sort to enjoy together 11am – 1pm
18th February,  Gregory Herbert
25th February, Ed Bruce & Colette Whittington
4th March, Sumuyya Khader
11th March, Becky Peach

Free, booking essential see:

For more information see:
Art At the Library is funded by Arts Council England


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Who's blogging?

Blue Room at Bluecoat

published by The Bluecoat

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