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Bed at the Bluecoat: YMCA - No Bed

There is no bed today; the presence of the bed in the Hub over the last few weeks has become expected. Perhaps acting like a reminder of the promise of comfort and security which awaits us that we all expect.

The bed is gone, or rather was never there as it is for many people who find themselves replacing there once soft warm bed with whatever, where ever they can find, scraps of card and or even a friends sofa. There are many who will not sleep in a bed tonight, this is the message centre to the YMCA’s Bed-In.

The YCMA’s method to impart this message is to recreate, in part, the conditions of displacement by swapping clean white sheets for mournful autumn leaves. Why are they doing this? By taking on this scenario by are getting people to revaluate, to look again at the homeless. 

Our friends from the YMCA dressed in the ‘uniform’ of the homeless hold vigil in the Hub, and there condition and therefore the condition of the homeless is thrown is sharp relief by the surroundings of the Bluecoat.

As people pass you hear them say ‘Isn’t terrible’ or ‘how can it happen?’ they even express concern that the occurrences of homeless people will rise due to the current climate. These comments may seem innocuous, but they hint at the people flowing through the Hub can identify and emphasise which the two hunched figures in front of them.  It s this that makes the YMCA’s Bed-In a success if they have managed to make one person realise that a person without a bed is still a human.


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