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Manchester’s HOME to host Bluecoat artist Emma Smith’s Exhibition Euphonia and 5Hz as part of UK tour

HOME, in partnership with Primary in Nottingham and Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge, will now bring the work of British artist Emma Smith to the three cities.

The partnership will enable the venues to connect with community groups through workshops with the artist, both in the venue and in the community, building on the important work Smith did with the different communities at Bluecoat including Choir With No Name, Baby Book Club and Blue Room.

April 2018 saw the premiere of Smith’s latest work Euphonia here at Bluecoat, an ambitious new sound installation based on the musicality of social interactions. Developed through public experiments and workshops with world experts in music, psychology and the brain. Essentially, Euphonia asked us to reflect on how music and sound impacts the way in which individual's connect with one another; how people communicate their position in the world.

Prior to Euphonia, Smith created  5Hz; a sound installation which centred around the invention of a new language designed to strengthen social connections. Through a year long research process examining psychological and neurological responses to the human voice, Smith created the 5Hz language, comprising a set of sounds that transcend language barriers. Visitors to the exhibition can learn the language and begin using it within 15 minutes.












Artist Emma Smith commented:

“Human relationship is at the core of my practice – the ways in which we relate and interact and how we might better understand the extraordinary and complex ways through which we come to exist together. This work reveals the musical nature of human conversation – an ancient practice embedded in our subconscious through which, while consciously chatting with one another, we are magically and subconsciously making music.”

The tour will include:

An exhibition of Smith’s work 5Hz at Primary, Nottingham / Fri 30 Nov 2018 – Sat 9 Feb 2019

5Hz and Euphonia at HOME / Manchester Sat 6 Apr 2019 – Sun 19 May 2019

A live performance at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge / 18 May 2019











To find out more about the artist Emma Smith and her work please click here.


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