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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

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This September Bluecoat is delighted to be taking part in Heritage Open Days, the annual nationwide celebration of Britain’s ...


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Bluecoat's New Programme of Exhibitions & Residencies for 2019

We are delighted to announce an exciting year of exhibitions and residencies coming up at Bluecoat in 2019.

Our exhibition programme includes Jerwood’s Survey, a group exhibition featuring 15 artists, and solo exhibitions by Shezad Dawood and Grace Ndiritu. We’re thrilled to welcome Alexis Teplin to Bluecoat in the autumn for her first solo exhibition in the UK.

Throughout the year we’ll be joined by artists from across the world for residencies here at Bluecoat, including Nurrachmat Widyasena (Indonesia) Chinar Shah (India) and British artist Suki Chan. 2019 will also see us launch Residents, a new programme supporting artists living and working in Liverpool.  

Read on for full details, and start adding these dates to your diary.



13 Apr - 23 Jun 2019

Survey is a major study of new work by artists in the early stages of their careers from across the UK. It is the largest review of contemporary art practice in Jerwood Visual Art’s 12 years of programming, spanning a breadth of disciplines including film, performance and painting.

Featuring work by;

Chris Alton, Simeon Barclay, Hazel Brill, Flo Brooks, Emma Cousin, Joe Fletcher Orr, Tom Goddard, Ashley Holmes, Lindsey Mendick, Nicole Morris, Milly Peck, Anna Raczynski, Will Sheridan Jr, Rae-Yen Song and Frank Wasser

© Rae-Yen Song, Happy Happy Leaf, 2018

Shezad Dawood: Leviathan

6 July – 13 October 2019

Shezad Dawood’s epic film series Leviathan will be with us this summer as part of a season examining society and migration.

Dawood’s episodic work has developed and expanded with new episodes of his film along with painting, sculpture and Virtual Reality films. Leviathan follows migratory patterns between Europe and Africa and the project combines marine biology, climate change, political systems and mental health to show how human activity and marine ecologies are intertwined.

© Shezad Dawood, Leviathan

Grace Ndiritu: The Ark

6 July – 13 October 2019

Ndiritu’s new exhibition is based on research created before, during and after her ambitious research/live art project, The Ark: Center For Interdisciplinary Experimentation, an experimental scientific and spiritual community, which formed at Les Laboratories Aubervillers in Paris in 2017.

The exhibition focuses on the role of art, science, spirituality and politics in order to develop new ways of thinking about life and the problems of the 21st century. Ndiritu brings together archival and new material along with discussions and meditations in the gallery.

© Grace Ndiritu, The Ark: Center For Interdisciplinary Experimentation

Alexis Teplin

October 2019 - February 2020

U.S. born artist Alexis Teplin will premier a new body of work here at Bluecoat in October for her first major UK exhibition. Teplin crosses between painting, performance, and film, drawing parallels between the art forms.

Fragments of abstraction within her paintings combine to suggest glimmers of figuration; whilst in her performance and film work, a similarly piecemeal assembly of quotes and gestures ranging from personal aphorisms to grand theatrical gestures, from the Labour manifesto to the films of Fellini.

© Alexis Teplin, Drag, Push HOOT, 2016

Offsite exhibition

Serena Korda: Under the Rose - at Speke Hall.

10 March – 28 July 2019

Following on from her installation The Bell Tree, and also commissioned by Bluecoat and the National Trust’s Trust New Art programme, her new work ‘Under the Rose’ is inspired by the house itself, a tudor mansion adapted by the Victorians. Under the Rose or ‘Sub Rosa’ means ‘in secret’ and references both the symbolism of the rose and how ceiling roses were often placed in locations indicating that secrecy needed to be upheld.

Under the Rose can be experienced alongside Korda’s The Bell Tree which launched in September 2018 and continues to 28 July 2019.

© Illustration from Athanasins Kircher’s 1673 book Phonurgia Nova A New Method of Sound Production


We’re committed to supporting artists at all stages of their careers, and we’re thrilled to be able to welcome artists from across the world.

Nurrachmat Widyasena

23 January – 25 February 2019

Widyasena will be examining the national mythologies of space travel in the run up to the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. Widyasena will be producing print works as well as making research visits to the National Space Centre and Jodrell Bank.

From Liverpool to Bandung to the Stratosphere (and back again)

Meet the artist and learn more about his residency in an artist talk on Thu 31 Jan. Book now

Suki Chan

1 – 24 February 2019

We are excited to be collaborating with London based artist Suki Chan on her new interdisciplinary project, A Conscious Life. This project brings together the diverse, subjective perspectives of scientists and ordinary people, who each have their own compelling story about individual and collective awareness and what it means to be alive in a technological age.

A Conscious Life also includes a strand of research about dementia as Chan is one of the artists involved with ‘Where the Arts Belong’, a project providing enriching experiences to people on their dementia journey.

Click here to find out more about Where the Arts Belong.

© Suki Chan, Lucida, 2016. Video Still

CreArt European Residency

1 – 31 March 2019

We’re thrilled to welcome two artists from the CreArt network, a partnership of 12 European cities for a one month residency. Whilst here at Bluecoat, the artists will meet curators, writers and artists in the UK and develop new work.

Chinar Shah

6 April – 30 June 2019

Following on from the first part of her residency in 2018, Chinar Shah will rejoin Bluecoat from Bangalore, India in May. Shah will be developing research in the public spaces at Bluecoat as well as across digital platforms.

Shah’s work responds to economic and social injustices, particularly in India, and her research at Bluecoat forms part of the wider Interrogating Intersectionality research group with Liverpool Hope University, FACT and Christ University Bangalore.

© Chinar Shah, Silenced Ruptures, 2012 


October 2019

Residents is a new programme aimed at supporting artists living and working in the city. The programme will include mentoring, study groups and exhibition opportunities. More details will be announced later in the year.

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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

published by The Bluecoat

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