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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Rachel Rogers - Advice for a Better World

It’s quiet here in the hub today, maybe it’s a post Biennial lull, and maybe it’s a pre-Christmas lull whatever it is I arrive to see the Thursday Blue Room group quietly working on collecting dreams and making dreamcatchers. They are surrounded by their by their own dreams, dreams which include having work in an art in galleries, holidays in Spain and one I share to dance with the ladies.

 An atmosphere a quiet, dreamy reflection has taken over the bed as Rachel Rogers opens up the bed as an advice shop. Beforehand Rachel has collected sage words of advice from her friends and has elected to share them with everyone in the hub. This isn’t all one way as Rachel, dressed in her cow print PJ’s asks the visitors for their advice; it’s a kind of adage feedback. Words and experiences are passed on and something becomes clear through the Bed-In and that is the advice often has an underlying theme running through it, it’s one of self believe, sharing, kindness and taking risks.

The sentiments of the advice given to Rachel has feed into her performance, where to a set of special selected songs including the songs ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ and ‘It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way You Do It’ .Rachel starts be circling the bed like a tightrope walker, gingerly edging around the bed, in an expression of carpe diem. Which is carried on throughout her dance routine, which makes making the bed an enjoyable act.

 So if there’s one piece is advice I can take from today is that maybe if we actually listened to the advice that is already pre-exists then that could be the formation of a better world.


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