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Bluecoat announces new Gardener in Residence

Image: Andrea Ku in the Granby Winter Garden 


Bluecoat is delighted to announce that L8 gardener and artist Andrea Ku has been appointed as Gardener in Residence autumn 2020. Her appointment has been made possible by Liverpool City Council's Without Walls fund, supported by Culture Liverpool and Arts Council England.

Ku, who is also a well-established city bee keeper, will be available to give advice and support to those who have been missing out on rejuvenating contact with nature during 2020 as a result of lockdown.

Ku's new role builds on her previous work with Bluecoat, in which she has developed a series of nature focused blogs during lockdown against the backdrop of Frances Disley's Pattern Buffer exhibition, which focuses on ideas of wellbeing and is currently on display in Bluecoat’s gallery Thursday - Saturday 11am-4pm.

Amongst the many projects planned with Ku is the development of a map of accessible green spaces in Liverpool, including Bluecoat’s historic inner courtyard garden where Ku will be based, as well as highlighting long-lost city centre gardens. The map seeks to highlight less visited areas of the city that are safe habitats for families to explore. It will be available as part of the nationwide Heritage Open Days from Friday 11th September where you'll be able to find it here on our website, and also in our building too.

Ku will also create 250 wellbeing bags for children containing art materials, printed activities and micro planting projects. Pots, seeds and child safe compost will be included to allow families to grow their own window sill boxes. You'll be able to find these bags in our building.

As Resident Gardener Ku will also film online tutorials in Bluecoat’s garden, as well as holding safe distanced tutorials, advising us on making our own garden even more biodiverse and bee friendly.

Marie-Anne McQuay, Head of Programme at Bluecoat, said: “Bluecoat’s garden is much loved by our visitors who enjoy its qualities as a tranquil green space in the city centre. We are thrilled that Andrea’s appointment will help us to use this space to its full potential, making it an even more pleasant and rewarding space for Bluecoat visitors by encouraging more diverse planting and future proofing this precious green resource. Andrea will also enable us to bring restorative gardening and nature-themed activities to new audiences, something that has never been so vital following the stress and isolation many people will have experienced over the last few months.”


For more information on Andrea Ku please visit:
Or follow her on Instagram and Twitter as @b4biodiversity


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