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Sadia Pineda Hameed: The Song of My Life

published by The Bluecoat

Cardiff based artist, writer and independent curator Sadia Pineda Hameed was invited to show alongside Undo Things Done by Sean Edwards as part of Bluecoat’s ...


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Black History Month at Bluecoat

Bluecoat is delighted to confirm a number of projects for Black History Month that will unfold across October 2020. This includes a poster project celebrating Liverpool’s Black Creatives initiated by Liverpool artist Sumuyya Khader and supported by Culture Liverpool’s Without Walls programme, as well as a profile of Liverpool born artist Tony Phillips (1952 - ) who will show with us Spring 2021. We will also share BHM resources for families and look back at the presence of Black artists in our programme over the decades via our archive site My Bluecoat

Celebrating Liverpool’s Black Artists - Sumuyya Khader 

06 -25 Oct 2020

Image credit: Changing Winds, Sumuyya Khader; Untitled, Millie Toyin Olateju; Miss Mona Said BLM, Amber Akaunu

Bluecoat is delighted to host a new project organised by Liverpool based artist Sumuyya Khader. Using billboard style pasting, Khader will showcase the work of 5 black artists from Liverpool along Bluecoat’s facade on Blundell Lane. The project will feature the work of artists Amber Akaunu, Sumuyya Khader, Kiara Mohamed, Salma Noor, and Millie Toyin Olateju. 

Khader’s project responds to a lack of visibility for Liverpool’s black artists.

“We have one of the oldest Black communities in the UK and a wealth of creative talent that often gets overlooked. Although Liverpool is known for being a city that celebrates culture as a Black woman I rarely see people who look like me being acknowledged and their work shared.” - Sumuyya Khader

The exhibition will run from Tue 6 Oct to Sun 25 Oct and can be viewed on Bluecoat’s exterior wall on Blundell Lane. The project is funded by Culture Liverpool’s Without Walls 2020 Programme. 

Tony Philllps - an interview  

Images: September 22 2020, Tony Phillips showing his work in progress to Bluecoat's Director of Heritage Bryan Biggs and Head of Programme Marie-Anne McQuay in Bluecoat's garden.

In October 2020 Bluecoat will publish an interview with Liverpool born artist Tony Phillips (1952) who trained at art school in the North West and gained acclaim over the decades for his printmaking and sculptures. He has exhibited at Bluecoat on a number of occasions including Black Art: Plotting the Course (1989), Jazz (1993), followed by a large solo show, The City in 1994. More recently the artist exhibited The History of the Benin Bronzes print series at Tate Britain in 2015. 

Now living in Italy, Phillips is a frequent visitor to Liverpool and will return to the city Spring 2021 to show his etching series 12 Decades continues a survey of modern history that has occupied him over the last 40 years. This presentation at Bluecoat complements a new installation, 20th Century Chapel that he is working on for Liverpool’s ‘Bombed Out Church’, St. Luke’s, and a proposed pedestrian trail of public artworks between the two buildings. 



Bluecoat and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Bluecoat's building began life as a charity school in 1717. It was co-founded by Liverpool mariner Bryan Blundell and supported by other merchants whose wealth also derived from maritime trade, including transatlantic slavery. Our archive website,, has further information about the school and its origins, as well as some of the artists we have worked with to interrogate the building’s colonial legacy.  

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Sadia Pineda Hameed: The Song of My Life

published by The Bluecoat

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