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Rhapsody for Clarinet and Wheelchair Basketball Team

By Jon Hering

In preparing for the upcoming premiere of 'Rhapsody for Clarinet and Wheelchair Basketball Team' (Tuesday 28 August, 7:30pm) at the Bluecoat, I have found myself in a number of bizarre situations. This coming from someone who has played a zither on TV whilst wearing a mask of Jeremy Paxman.

Strapping into a wheelchair and playing a game within half an hour of meeting the team. From traditionally composing at the piano with manuscript paper, finding myself at the computer, individually sequencing over 2,800 audio samples of basketball sounds ('Medium bouce high pitch', 'Medium bounce mid pitch', etc...). Asking experienced, professional clarinettist Mandy Burvill to imitate the sound of a bouncing ball. Musically notating the sound of someone shouting "Come on, Ref, that's a foul!".

Seeing Jack Whiteley lying underneath a wheelchair in the middle of an empty sports hall, with his head on a pillow, just to get the perfect shot of a spinning wheel.

I've certainly never seen a work anything like this piece is shaping up to be, and I hope that the audience finds the experience of watching it as unique as I have found making it.

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