William Richardson

William Richardson is a visual artist. During lockdown Richardson became passionate about the birds that visited his garden. Since then birds have been the focal subject of Richardson’s practice. Richardson references images in books and magazines to create drawings and relief sculptures.

‘I like birds. I like their colours. Once a budgie flew into my house. She had escaped her house and we kept her as a pet whilst we found her owner. She was called Edna. I get my ideas for what birds to draw by looking at books.’
William Richardson

Recent projects

Recent projects include a collaboration with designer Holly Eliza Temple and fellow Blue Room artists Lewis Scott and Alfred Beesley. The artists worked together to design an illustrated activity booklet that encourages young visitors to explore the Bluecoat’s garden.

Limited edition screen prints for sale at the Bluecoat

Alongside Studio Me artists Alfred Beesley and Edward Rauer, Richardson has created a series of limited edition screenprints in the Bluecoat Print Studio. The works explore some of the ways our beloved 'secret garden' captures the creative imagination.

The prints are available to purchase from our Information Desk.