Tess Gilmartin

Tess Gilmartin is a Wirral based visual artist. Gilmartin creates drawings and paintings inspired by the world around her. Using bright colour palettes and gestural mark making, Gilmartin makes art to celebrate the things she loves, such as people, animals and flowers.

Gilmartin’s portrait ‘Tess’ was recently selected for the Wirral Open 2022, exhibited at the Williamson Art Gallery, and purchased by a private collector.

Tulips (2022)
Tess II (2022)

Studio Me

Gilmartin is part of Studio Me, Blue Room’s artist development project. Through this Gilmartin has received mentoring from acclaimed artist Tanya Raabe Webber. Together, the artists explored different methods of drawing, mark making and painting.

Chickens (2022)
Fish Water (2022)