Laura Aquilina with Georgemma Hunt

Studio Me Artists Takeover the Gallery

Date posted

10 February 2023

While our gallery is closed, artists from our inclusive arts project Studio Me transform the space into a working studio.

Throughout the month of February, artists from Studio Me will be taking over our gallery and transforming the space into a working studio where they will develop new work and experiment with displaying their work in a gallery.

To give the artists the space to create and explore, the gallery will be closed to visitors during this time. We'll be documenting their work on this blog, so keep reading to see what they've been up to.

Expanding upon the Blue Room inclusive arts programme, Studio Me enables individual learning-disabled and neurodivergent artists to gain experience of creative studio practice and develop professional skills.

Week 1

During their first week in the gallery space, Studio Me artists have been working on some large scale work, working alongside their collaborators.

Laura Aquilina has been creating murals of animals on the wall with Georgemma Hunt.

Tess Gilmartin has been working on a large scale pastel drawing of horses.

Jane Walsh created a Titanic installation with Nicki McCubbing.

Jean Smith has been working with Ben Youdan.

Tom Rooney has been working on large canvas paintings of the Bluecoat building.

Alfred Beesley has been creating large tree sculptures with Ellie Hoskins.

Veronica Watson has been working on her portraits.

Rob Ellis has been working on a large scale abstract painting.

Week 2

Studio Me artists have continued to develop their work in the gallery. The space gives them the chance to work on a larger scale and discover new and exciting ways of working.

Tess Gilmartin continued creating a large mixed media piece that spans the length of one gallery wall.

Norman Tomlinson's latest drawing captures some our gardens features.

John Steele made buses for his animation project.

Jean Smith and Ben Youdan embellished their portraits this week with sequins, beads and pins.

Laura Aquilina with her finished elephant mural.

Ottman Said continued his drawing inspired by Liverpool's waterfront.

Tom Rooney and Max Mallender made a new collaborative painting of the Bluecoats facade. Close up of Tom Rooney adding details to their painting.

Week 3

In the final week of the residency, the artists were joined by Bluecoat Senior Curator Adam Lewis-Smythe to discuss their creative practice. They also shared their work with our Creative Community and staff at the Bluecoat.

Artist Jane Walsh preparing for a Titanic themed performance in front of her artworks.

Artist Alfred Beesley's apple tree, a work-in-progress

Drawings made in response to Alfred Beesley's apple tree work, by members of Blue Room

Artist Jean Smith's 'Punk Rocker' collection

Facilitator Becky Peach and artist Diana Disley looking at Jane Walsh's artwork.